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Singing Lessons

What distinguishes this approach from others is that the singing voice is intensively trained, resulting in a perfect whole without any audible transitions and/or tonal changes. This can be achieved through specific exercises or using songs. The choice is up to you. You will soon notice improvement in the sphere of the range of your voice and possibilities. Good technique is of primary importance.

Vocal Coaching

In preparation of, or during vocal recordings in the studio (vocal production), for example. The added value in this respect is that the vocalist can remain focussed on the performance rather than on the use of the voice. Another example concerns preparing for an audition. What can you expect of an audition for the conservatory, a band or for television? Please call or e-mail for more information.

Online Coaching

Amsterdam Vocal Coaching offers Internet video singing lessons and vocal coaching via FaceTime or Skype. The most important advantage of receiving coaching via the Internet is that the coaching is provided from a location that can meet the necessary technical conditions. It also allows for the scheduling of (last-minute) arrangements, for studio sessions, vocal check-ups or warming-ups, for example.

Up-To-Date Coaching

I am familiar with all of the methods and techniques that have been developed for the purpose of training one’s singing voice and/or speaking voice. As soon as a new technique or approach is developed or presents itself, I will be one of the first to examine and study it. In addition, I travel abroad on a regular basis in order to participate in workshops and to exchange knowledge with other singing coaches.


Clients include


From €52,50 (€63,53 incl. VAT, lesson time: 45 min.)
From €65,- (€78,65 incl. VAT, lesson time: 1 hour)


Lessons cancelled with 48 hours or less notice (lesson start-time): Full Charge
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