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Good vocal technique is very importance. It facilitates style, flexibility and stamina. Learn to discover your full potential as a vocalist!

Welcome at Amsterdam Vocal Coaching! Amsterdam Vocal Coaching offers private singing lessons in Amsterdam and online. We train the voice intensively, resulting in connected range, without any audible transitions and/or tonal changes. You will soon notice improvement in the sphere of the range of your vocal, performance and musical possibilities.

Amsterdam Vocal Coaching is located within the Amsterdam Ondernemers Centrum (AOC), which is located at Wg-Plein 100. We offer voice and singing lessons for all levels, styles and ages!

‘The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision.’

Neil Gaiman

1:1 voice & singing teacher in Amsterdam & online

After my studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory, I further specialized in giving singing lessons, voice lessons, vocal coaching and training. I am therefore familiar with the most commonly used methods and singing techniques. These include: Estill Voice Training (EVT), Complete Vocal Technique (CVT), Speech Level Singing (SLS), Bel Canto, as well as The Zen of Screaming, Pahn, Breathing Coordination and recent voice research.

I constantly update my knowledge. For this I regularly follow refresher courses, workshops and training. For example, I followed training courses in Las Vegas (SLS), Rome (SLS), Barcelona (SLS) and in London (Teacher Conferences, workshops and seminars). In New York, I followed a teacher training and also singing lessons. I also have regular contact with various voice coaches and vocal coaches worldwide.

Besides singing lessons we also offer voice lessons and vocal coaching. In preparation of, or during vocal recordings in the studio (also Vocal Production), for example. The added value in this respect is that the vocalist can remain focussed on the performance rather than on the use of the voice. Another example concerns preparing for an audition. What can you expect of an audition for the conservatory, a band or for television?

Online voice lessons & vocal coaching via internet

All our coaching are also offered online. Online singing lessons and vocal coaching are very efficient via platforms as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or HangOuts. The most important advantage of this is that you can have your singing lessons and vocal coaching from any location that can meet the necessary technical conditions! It also allows for the scheduling of last-minute sessions, for studio sessions, or warming-ups, for example.

Singing & voice lessons gift vouchers - a great gift!

Amsterdam Vocal Coaching offers gift vouchers for singing lessons and voice lessons in Amsterdam and online! Simply order them online and receive them by post, or via e-mail as a PDF. Any number of lessons is possible.

The recipient can book his or her lesson(s) via the online agenda or contact us via e-mail. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our voice and singing lessons gift vouchers

‘After years of singing in the wrong way, it turned out that I had gotten nodules on my vocal cords. Martin not only taught me a healthy singing technique, but thanks to his coaching form of teaching my reach, confidence and performance have grown enormously. And the nodules have disappeared.

Martin’s lessons are structured, clear and work towards a specific goal. You will notice progress within a few weeks. And Martin is always available outside of the lessons. For example, previous to a big festival show I had woken up with a swollen throat. Martin was immediately available and he went through vocal exercises by phone to prepare me optimally physically and mentally (and the performance was a huge success!).

Martin immediately recognizes the condition of your voice, how you use it and where you want to work towards. He adapts his methode to this. In this way you will experience rapid growth within a short time. I would highly recommend Martin to anyone. He is a singing coach and mental coach in one and I would not know where I would be as a singer without his lessons. If you want to develop your voice and sing better in a professional and healthy way, then you should definitely go to Martin.’

Caroline Westendorp
Caroline Westendorp

’The Charm The Fury’ | KINK


Frequently asked questions:

Training & Education
I am trained to be able to work with any voice. I also have many years of experience with various voice types. In addition, we strive to train the whole body in our singing and voice lessons. With muscle tension, we not only look at the symptoms, but also at the causes.

In addition, I strive for optimal progression through continuous training. See also the blog section on this site. Thanks to this strategy in terms of further training, I can serve a broad target group. As a vocalist you only need to know a fraction of the science behind the art to make progress in the short term!

You will receive a genuine analysis of your voice
I will not change your own unique style (unless you want me to of course…). My goal is to give you control over your voice by training efficient use of the voice. In your first voice lesson we will discuss your strengths and your weaknesses. Also as a result of a short voting test.

I use specific vocal exercises to address the areas for improvement in terms of voice use. In order to continue to make and experience progress, it is important that you know why you are training what. So that you can also practice focused and optimally between singing lessons.

In our singing and voice lessons we deliberately do not work from one specific singing method or technique. We strive to work from all singing techniques! The technique that is considered the most effective and healthy is used in a lesson.

We know from experience that working from only one method has a limiting effect. Especially when you assume that each individual has different goals, expectations and learning styles in the vocal field.

That’s right, we give private singing lessons in all music styles. Jazz, Pop, Soul, Rock, Musical, Traditional and Classical vocalists are all very welcome! You learn to make the possibilities of your voice credible in the genre of your choice. In addition, it is also good to know that anyone with a healthy speaking voice can (learn to) sing any music genre.

We also like to work with you on different styles. If you want this of course. The big advantage of this is that it can give you more insight into the possibilities of your voice. In addition, it is also nice not to think in boxes, like: this is the only Classic setting and you should always sing Pop like that.

Great question! The approach per singing teacher certainly differs. That is why it is important that you know what you want to improve at in the short term. Choose a singing teacher for this cause.

First, you should be able to determine whether a singing teacher is teaching singing technique, by actually demonstrating how to approach a particular passage technically, or whether he / she is primarily coaching stylistically. The latter mainly concerns someone who demonstrates the melody of a song and the stylistic choices used by the original artist.

Of the two, the singing technique teacher is the most important, because without the technical possibilities to be able to sound freely and clearly over your entire range, you are very limited in the material you can handle and you will also be able to make less stylistic choices.

A good singing technique singing teacher is difficult to find. Ask for a simple demonstration of the skills of the singing teacher himself – especially when it comes to connecting the registers – before you start taking lessons with the teacher in question. Let him / her audition!

As with all new skills you learn – such as a language or a sport – you will experience more improvement by training the new habit (s) as much as possible and regularly. Then you will be able to cut back on this regularity, but still be able to appeal to the new habits. A regular training schedule is the most important thing in learning any skill. Besides a good teacher, of course 🙂

Yes, for the most part. An online lesson contains the same structure and components as a lesson in the singing studio in Amsterdam.

The main difference with regular sessions is that in online lessons it is not always possible to receive musical accompaniment from the singing studio.

We have been teaching online classes for 12 years.

Online appointments for singing and voice lessons are easily scheduled via the online agenda on this site. You will receive the confirmation directly in your inbox. In this email you will find, in addition to the link to the Zoom meeting, the best audio settings in Zoom for online voice training. The confirmation by e-mail also contains tips in preparation for your lesson.

Appointments that are canceled within 48 hours before starting time will be charged in full, regardless of the reason. Out of honesty and integrity towards the teacher and the students, no exceptions can be made to this policy.

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