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Good vocal technique is of primary importance. It facilitates style, flexibility and stamina. But there's more. Learn to discover your full potential as a vocalist!

Singing and Voice Lessons in Amsterdam and Online

1-on-1 Singing Lessons

Welcome at Amsterdam Vocal Coaching! Amsterdam Vocal Coaching offers private singing lessons in Amsterdam and online. We train the voice intensively, resulting in connected range, without any audible transitions and/or tonal changes. You will soon notice improvement in the sphere of the range of your vocal, performance and musical possibilities. All levels and ages are welcome!

Voice Lessons & Coaching

Besides singing lessons we also offer voice lessons and vocal coaching. In preparation of, or during vocal recordings in the studio (also Vocal Production), for example. The added value in this respect is that the vocalist can remain focussed on the performance rather than on the use of the voice. Another example concerns preparing for an audition. What can you expect of an audition for the conservatory, a band or for television?

Online Coaching

All our coaching are also offered online. Online singing lessons and vocal coaching are very efficient via platforms as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or HangOuts. The most important advantage of this is that you can have your singing lessons and vocal coaching from any location that can meet the necessary technical conditions! It also allows for the scheduling of last-minute sessions, for studio sessions, or warming-ups, for example.

My Education

After my studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory, I further specialized in giving singing lessons, vocal coaching and training. I am therefore familiar with the most commonly used methods and singing techniques. These include: Estill Voice Training (EVT), Breathing Coordination, Complete Vocal Technique (CVT), Speech Level Singing (SLS), Bel Canto, as well as The Zen of Screaming, Pahn and recent voice research.

I constantly update my knowledge. For this I regularly follow refresher courses, workshops and training. For example, I followed training courses in Las Vegas (SLS), Rome (SLS), Barcelona (SLS) and in London (Teacher Conferences, workshops and seminars). In New York, I followed a teacher training and also singing lessons. I also have regular contact with various voice coaches and vocal coaches worldwide.

Singing & Voice Lessons Gift Vouchers

Looking for a great gift? Amsterdam Vocal Coaching also offers gift vouchers for singing lessons and voice lessons in Amsterdam and online! Simply order them online and receive them by post, or via e-mail as a PDF. Any number of lessons is possible. The recipient can book his or her lesson(s) via the online agenda or contact us via e-mail. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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